if your lip is cut, i keep it in: serena reynolds

Longtime HOMECOMING MAG friend SERENA REYNOLDS submits a selection of her portrait work.

East Villager REYNOLDS is a PARSONS graduate, now partaking in film projects as well as freelance photography.

Her work appeals to modern sensibilities whilst retaining a deeper and murkier edginess; these aren't just or by any means pretty pictures. REYNOLDS reflects an on-point youthfulness - in both beauty and struggle - through her grainy and devil-may-car disheveled compositions. Below, the photographer shares some choice quotes:

"I want to be honest and accurate in my work, I like to show people as they exist."

"I shoot film - drive for beauty, steer for intimacy. If your lip is cut, I keep it in. I never stray from the truth."

"I think photography 'these days' lacks a lot of natural substance. I hope to keep some life to my work."

If she doesn't match the HOMECOMING M.O., no one does.


19 July 2012